We are glad that you are interested in unique programs for the study and development of human consciousness, subconsciousness, its possibilities, and its abilities to influence human life.

The basis of all programs is multifaceted knowledge, laws, methods, and practices collected by Natalia Rodina over many years, combining modern scientific progress in physics and mathematics, quantum physics and mechanics, genetics and biology in a flexible combination of ancient origins of philosophy and sacred geometry based on the spiritual development of a human being.

Students accepted to these programs gain in-depth knowledge about the structure of the world and the creation of life on Earth and Space, study the basics of human genetics, the structure of the physical and subtle body, self-regulation techniques, practical skills that help a person deal with his inner psychological state, determine life goals, to harmonize the physical condition of the body and health, to establish personal life, family relationships.

In our center, there are several stages of training and professional levels that allow you to develop interaction with consciousness and subconsciousness, and contribute to the discovery of creative and extraordinary abilities.

Currently, the Center for the Development of Consciousness has the following training programs: