International Conference "Transformations of the personality in the quantum processes of modernity" ITALY, Udine


On Sunday, June 19, Natalia Rodina held an international conference in Udine (Italy) on the topic "Transformations of the personality in the quantum processes of modernity."

The open conference was accessible to all those interested in the topic of personality development. It was attended by about 170 people from 19 countries, and participants from Italy could listen to simultaneous translations into Italian.

Academician and research scientist Natalia Rodina revealed important scientific knowledge about modern planetary quantum changes that affect every person and trigger serious internal transformations in the human body and psyche. Modern scientists are only getting closer to explaining these processes, but they are already taking place on the planet and affecting people more and more every year. Natalia Rodina explained these deep processes and how to use this knowledge and new opportunities for proper personal development and managing your reality, in a simple, understandable language.

The participants of the conference asked a lot of questions to which they could not find answers anywhere, but Natalia Rodina gave exhaustive answers to all these most difficult questions.

After the main part of the conference, new areas of education of the center were presented, primarily the direction of education of youth and children.

The conference ended with the performance of the Honored Artist of Ukraine and student of Natalia Vladimirovna Rodina - Natalia Lanovenko and a general photo shoot, and of course the final wishes and parting words of Natalia Rodina.

The atmosphere was so full of love and emotional uplift that the participants did not want to leave and let Natalia Rodina go. The audience of the conference left inspired by new unique knowledge, and most of the participants will spend another week on training courses for in-depth study of knowledge and practices led by Natalia Vladimirovna Rodina.